Sunday, January 9, 2011

Supercool School

This is an idea which has intrigued me. You can create a class, and teach it via webcam to anyone in the world who is interested. You can join a class online for anything you could imagine. Supercool School is planning to do "what blogging did for publishing, but for the education space. Decentralize and democratize a whole industry by empowering everyone to create an online school with the simple click of a button."

It sounds fun and exciting to me, especially since I am one myself who has had to seek alternate but still valid forms of educating myself. Yeah, believe it or not, they don't teach ancient Hebraic dream interpretation in post-secondary schools. Heck, they don't even teach it at seminary schools (or bible college...). And trying to learn the spiritual impacts of visual arts is more of a teach-yourself situation. But if there enough people out there... using a tool like Supercool School offers could blow this thing wiiiiiide open.

Here is an introduction video explaining the basic concept:
[brightcove vid=73201830001&exp=980795693&w=486&h=412]

Some facts:

  • Supercool School is a highly purpose-driven startup that was founded by a team of underdogs from Europe and India to change the world using the amazing powers of learning
  • The first demand-based online learning place that empowers people to request classes, join them as students, or teach them using a simple webcam
  • Classes on anything from "How to start a business in China" to "Advanced Java" and "Thai Soup Recipes"

The only question I have is... is it free?