Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Nephilim Agenda?

David and Goliath, Gustave Dore
Well it’s been a few years now that God has really put this nephilim issue on my heart so I figure I might as well just go all out and share delicious nephilim stuff when I come across it.
It’s beginning to feel more and more important to get this information out there to Christians who aren’t aware. One of the first verses I remember memorizing way back in the beginning of high school bible class (… I went to a christian school) was Ephesians 6:12…
“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

What did I think that meant, exactly? Back then I’m sure I believed that Satan lived in hell under the earths crust, so I wouldn’t have thought he’d be in the heavenly realms. And who did I think these “rulers” were, if not Satan and demons (who also would have lived under the earths crust)? I didn’t think they were fallen angels, because back then I didn’t think about fallen angels, and if by chance I did, I assumed that “fallen angels” was synonymous with “demons”. Of course now I know there is a difference, and that Satan isn’t restricted to the fiery pits. His dominion is the second heaven (aka “outer space”) and it says so right in the bible. So we shouldn’t be shocked when there are striking resemblances between so-called “alien encounters” and demonic activity. I believe they are one in the same.
This is who our struggle is against. Through the centuries they have been known by many pseudonyms and made their way into the fabric of folklore and mythology, but their agenda has not changed: to deceive mankind, just as the very first fallen angel did with the very first humans. At first, he deceived to win his kingdom. Then, they deceived in order to utterly corrupt the earth so the Lord would destroy it and no messiah would rise. And now, they deceive in preparation for the anti-Christ and his desired kingdom of corruption.
I have not read the book The Nephilim Agenda by Randy DeMain although I would love to get my hands on it! In these two episodes of XP TV the author discusses his revelations on the Nephilim agenda with Patricia King. It is very informative, especially if you are wondering if nephilim still roam the earth now, and if so, what do they look like? What is their purpose? How do we fight them? How will we be protected from them? How do we avoid fear?
And I love that they discuss the nephilim and their control of the media. In Christ we are victorious. Good stuff, people. Well worth your time!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Meaning of the Plagues

In honor of the passover and Easter season (and because I watched The Prince of Egypt with my family last night), I am compelled to share a portion from the book exploring the purpose of the plagues sent upon Egypt. We knew God was making a point... but why exactly did he choose the plagues he chose? Why specifically blood, Frogs, Lice, Flies, Death of Livestock, Boils, Hail, Locusts, Darkness, and Death of firstborn? This article explains the symbolism of these choices, God's language of choice, and their significance, from the Egyptian point of view.

Plague 1: The Nile turns to blood.

The Egyptians saw the Nile River as the god who supplied the lifeblood of Egypt. Gods associated with Nile included Hapi, Hatmehyt, and Osiris, among others. The power of these gods was broken as Yahweh too control of the river, making the Nile a source of death instead of life.

Plague 2: Frogs.

Frogs were associated with the fertility goddess Heqt (or Heket), who had the body of a woman and the head of a frog. During the second plague, frogs became a curse for the Egyptians instead of deities to be worshiped. Just as it is unlawful for Hindus to ill cows or remove them from stores, so it was with the Egyptians in regard to frogs. The frogs went into every corner of every house, but because of their religious beliefs (false paradigms) the Egyptians were powerless to stop them.

Plague 3: Lice.

One of the chief Egyptian gods was Geb, god of the earth. Offerings were given to Geb to ensure the bounty of the soil. As you will recall, the lice were produced when Aaron struck the ground with his staff, thus producing lice from the dust (Exodus 8:16-17). Geb should have been able to defend his domain, but once again, God rendered yet another Egyptian god completely powerless.

One of the effects of the lice would have been that the Egyptian priests would be unable to serve their gods in their temples. The Egyptian priests would now be ceremonially unclean, and their gods would be proven powerless to intervene. At this point, the priests finally bucked, saying, "This is the finger of God" (Exodus 8:19).

Plague 4: Flies.

Scholars believe that the word often translated as "flies" in this passage actually means all kinds of different biting and stinging insects. Insects were also worshiped as gods in Egypt. Utachit was the god of flies, and Khepra was often shown as a scarab beetle. The Egyptians thought that worshiping the gods who controlled these insects would keep the insects from attacking them. But it didn't work out that way this time. In fact, this was the first time Pharaoh himself asked Moses to pray to Yahweh on his behalf (Exodus 8:28).

Plague 5: Death of livestock.

The Egyptians worshiped livestock just as Hindus today worship cattle and other animals. In fact, the Persians won a significant battle against the Egyptians by driving sacred animals in front of them. The Egyptians would not fight for fear of harming the sacred animals, so the Persians were able to wipe them out. By killing the animals in this fashion, God demonstrated that he was greater than these domesticated gods. Two of the Egyptian gods decimated by this plague were Hathor, the cow-headed god that protected cattle herds, and Apis, the bull god.

Plague 6: Boils.

With this plague, God instructed Moses to scatter ashes toward the heavens (Exodus 9:8-10). This was God's declaration of war on the sky gods of Egypt: Horis, Shu, Isis, and Nut. It was also a custom of the Egyptian priests to scatter ashes from sacrifices as a sign of blessing. Moses was mimicking the priests, but his actions brought boils, not blessings. Exodus 9:11 specifically points out that the Egyptian priests were infected with boils and could not stand before Moses and Aaron. In other words, God made the Egyptian priests a public laughing stock. The people used to go to them for help, but now they were inflicted just like any common Egyptian or slave. Their cleansing rituals did nothing for them. In fact, they couldn't even get off the ground! On top of that they were once again banned from their own temples because of their physical uncleanness.

Plague 7: Thunder and hail.

Think of Egypt as a desert country that was fortunate enough to have a river running through it. Thus, rain, hail, and thunder were virtually unknown in the region. It must have been quite a shock to see fiery hail fall from the sky. Where were Nut, Horus, Shu, and Isis, the sky gods of Egypt, who were supposed to protect against such things? Exodus 9:31 tells us that the flax and barley crops in Egypt were wiped out. An Egyptian celebration was held at this time of year called the "coming out of Min." Min was the god who protected agriculture. But his party probably had to be canceled that year. At this point, even Pharaoh began to recognize the distinction between the gods of Egypt and the God of the Hebrews.

"I have sinned this time. Yahweh is righteous, and my people and I are wicked. Entreat the Lord, that there may be no more mighty thundering and hail, for it is enough" (Exodus 9:27-28a)

Plague 8: Locusts.

Locusts were pretty much a standard "judgment against sin" in the Old Testament. However, the Egyptians had found a way around locust infestations. They had a god named Serapia whose job was to keep them away. If the Egyptians worshiped this god, all would be fine. In addition to Serapia looking after the locusts, the god Nepri also looked after the grain. Anubis was guarding the fields, and Ermulet looked after crops. It looked like the Egyptians had their bases covered. But God proved them wrong. Exodus 10:4-6 says the locusts covered the face of the earth and even filled all of the Egyptians' houses. They destroyed everything, just as Yahweh had destroyed the gods who were supposed to keep the locusts at bay.

Plague 9: Darkness.

"Then the Lord said to Moses, 'Stretch out your hand toward heaven, that there may be darkness over the land of Egypt, darkness which may even be felt'" (Exodus 10:21). One of Egypt's chief deities was the sun god Ra or Amon-Ra. The Egyptians believed that at night, Ra went through the underworld fighting his was through darkness and storm to re-emerge the next day. If Ra didn't return, that meant creation was over. By restricting the sun from shining for three days, God showed the Egyptians that Ra had nothing on him. I should point out that Pharaoh was considered to be Ra's son, meaning that when the darkness fell, Moses could brag to Pharaoh, "My dad is bigger than your dad!"

Plague 10: Death of firstborn.

This was the straw that broke the Egyptians used to pray for the protection of their firstborn children. They believed the gods protected these children supernaturally, because they would inherit the family wealth and name. Pharaoh even married his own sister to keep the bloodline pure. They believed the son produced from this union would also be part of "god's family" and divinely protected. Through this plague, Yahweh showed once and for all that he alone - not the Egyptians' false gods- had the power of life and death. It was on this day that the festival of the Passover was instituted.

For a truly captivating read, try the book If This Were a Dream, What would it Mean? by Murray Dueck. Murray is a local Fraser Valley-ite who runs a prophetic school in Langley, BC called Samuel's Mantle. The book is about discovering the spiritual meaning behind everyday events. This book truly helped change my own paradigm regarding prophetic events, dreams, and God's symbolic language evident in everyday life.

(c) Murray Dueck

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dissecting Apple’s Logo

As a graphic designer I enjoy learning the origins of logos, and I found this video exploring the various aspects and possibilities of how the Apple computer logo came about to be very interesting.

And then just for giggles, there’s this:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ex-Illuminati trainer tells all (well… some)

I will try not to turn this blog into too much of a “conspiracy” blog but sometimes I just can’t resist. I found this fascinating radio interview with Svali, an ex-illuminati mind programmer on YouTube last night. To those who do not believe that there is a secret “government behind the government”, or elite secret societies controlling disturbing amounts of the money, the power, the media, and pretty much the world, or that they can program human minds to do their bidding… and to those who don’t believe that this group of people are very likely of nephilim lineage, perhaps this interview will give you something to ponder?

“Svali” is a born-again Christian who was born into the German family of the Illuminati and became a programmer and trainer within the group. She eventually became a Christian and escaped, though she herself had also been programmed to be loyal. Six months after giving this interview she went missing and was not heard from or seen for over two years. The latest news that I could find is that she is “residing safely in an isolated place of refuge with a number of fellow Christian brothers and sisters” without internet access or the ability to communicate electronically with the outside world, for her own safety.

She has written many articles detailing the practices of the Illuminati, some of which can be found at Svali Speaks, and for further reading a disturbing letter explaining her childhood. There are some articles that explain the programming procedures and rituals, and the use of triggers to bring on certain behaviors (both on specific individuals and placed in the public media). I’m sure they would be interesting to those who were confused by my mention of triggers in my last post!

Without further ado…. the 10-part interview (you’ll have to find the other parts yourself, I’m far too lazy to post them all)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Alien love

You know whoever controls the media really wants you to see something when it appears in two places on the homepage of YouTube.

Such is the case with Katy Perry’s new video, “E.T.” featuring Kanye West. Normally I am aware that Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Rhianna, Beyonce, and Jay-Z videos are laden with Illuminati symbology (pyramids, triangles, all-seeing eyes, skulls-and-crossbones, hidden Baphomets). I could tell that Katy Perry was on her way to joining up with these folks but I was shocked to see her take such a giant leap as this!

This video and its lyrics are highly disturbing to me. People don’t realize that what she sings about has happened before and will happen again. We have been being groomed for years to take in this same information, but there is no subtlety left in this music video. It’s a matter of opinion whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing I guess.

Alarms were going off in my spirit when I watched that video, because I know its not just a cool trend to talk about sexing it up with aliens. And lately I’ve been seeing the message everywhere I go, more and more. Just last night at the movie theatre we were indoctrinated with this:

Axe Excite “Even angels will fall”

Seems like a myth, seems like a story, seems like a legend, these fallen angels.

“And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God [angels] saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. . . .There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men [had sexual relations with them], that they bare CHILDREN to them, the same became MIGHTY MEN which were of old, men of renown” (Gen.6:1-4)

So if these inter-dimensional beings were there before the flood, and after the flood… where are they now?

Enter aliens. The Bible has a term for the other dimensional realm or parallel universe. The Bible’s term for it is spirit. It is increasingly apparent that UFO phenomena are the work of demons who are from the realm of spirit. Bill Nuget, award winning author and Christian UFO researcher says, “UFOs are not a matter of metal spaceships from far away galaxies. The evidence points to UFOs being demonic manifestations from a different dimension. It is the dimension of spirit where both good and bad angels dwell. They materialize and de-materialize as they cross over from the realm of spirit to the physical universe and then go back to the realm of spirit. Of course, the secular researchers couch their analysis in scientific terms such as “interdimensional” rather than “spirit.” Jacques Vallee, one of the world’s leading Ufologists and a professed non-Christian ended up taking the same opinion after his twenty-something years of research.

Nuget goes on to explain that “in the Bible, good angels materialize and become visible to people and then the angels dematerialize or “disappear.” It is possible that heaven itself is in a parallel universe. There’s nothing scary or unbiblical about the concept of extra dimensions or parallel universes. We should be aware, however, that the demonic realm also uses these other dimensions and demons travel from these dimensions in order to deceive people.”

The lyrics to Katy Perry’s E.T.:

You’re so hypnotizing
Could you be the devil
Could you be an angel

Your touch magnetizing
Feels like I am floating
Leaves my body glowing

They say be afraid
You’re not like the others
Futuristic lover
Different DNA
They don’t understand you

Your from a whole other world
A different dimension
You open my eyes
And I’m ready to go
Lead me into the light

Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me
Infect me with your love and
Fill me with your poison

Take me, ta-ta-take me
Wanna be a victim
Ready for abduction

Boy, you’re an alien
Your touch so foreign
It’s supernatural

Your so supersonic
Wanna feel your powers
Stun me with your lasers
Your kiss is cosmic
Every move is magic

Your from a whole other world
A different dimension
You open my eyes
And I’m ready to go
Lead me into the light

Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me
Infect me with your love and
Fill me with your poison

Take me, ta-ta-take me
Wanna be a victim
Ready for abduction

Boy, you’re an alien
Your touch so foreign
It’s supernatural

[Kanye West]
I know a bar out in Mars
Where they driving spaceships instead of cars
Cop a Prada spacesuit about the stars
Getting stupid ass straight out the jar
Pockets on Shrek, Rockets on deck
Tell me what’s next, alien sex
I’ma disrobe you, than I’mma probe you
See I abducted you, so I tell ya what to do
I tell ya what to do, what to do, what to do

… and so on it goes.