Monday, February 28, 2011

The Heavens Opened

Angels Announcing the Birth of Christ to the Shepherds by Govert Teunisz Flinck, 1639
There's a book I've read several times that I love dearly. It's called The Heavens Opened by Anna Rountree. I have now read at least 10 books detailing the accounts of Believers having visited Heaven, and heard/watched countless testimonials. Whether or not you believe that a person can actually visit Heaven is quite frankly your own issue to sort out, and perhaps someday in the future I will post my reasons for believing so, but for the purposes of this particular post I'll make my disclaimer now: I fully believe we can and many do, and I friggin' LOVE reading about it. In fact... I think I've only read two books in the last few years that didn't have to do with Heaven - and they were both non-fiction books concerning the Nephilim and H.A.A.R.P. (and yes, I consider books about Heaven, Nephilim, and HAARP non-fiction). So yeah, there's few things that excite and fascinate me more than these kinds of testimonials.

Not that they should or could really be compared, but if I'm honest this book was by far the one that riveted me the most. Actually, Mary K. Baxter's account in her book A Divine Revelation of Heaven also blew me away (you can download a PDF, word doc, or audio file of her book here).
The reason these two books stand out so much is that they both give very vivid descriptions of everything... angels they encountered and their personalities/wardrobes/jobs. Buildings and places they entered or were granted permission to learn about, and the purpose they were being shown them for. These books all contain notes throughout to provide scriptural support.
When I first came across this book I was of course very eager to read it, but I didn't like that I could find little to no information on the author anywhere online. I wanted to do some research first to give some validity to the book, etc. One reason, I learned, that it was so difficult to find anything about her, is that Anna Rountree is a pen name. The book was actually written by her and her husband as the Lord granted him revelation to experience it as well. Another reason is that they have made a point not to put their faces out there to "promote" the book by association, as they feel that would only "muck up" the true intentions of the book. Fair enough, I figure.
Still, I was pleased when I discovered an archived Sid Roth radio interview with "Anna Rountree" on his broadcast Sid Roth's Messianic Vision. The authors genuineness and personality shone through and all the glory was given to God. Even her story before she has any visitations is an interesting one. I'll give you some tidbits to titalate you into listening to the whole interview. For starters, Anna was one of the writers for the movie Carrie. Yes, Carrie. When she became a christian and it began to dawn on her that maybe she shouldn't be perpetuating the macabre teenage trauma train, she had her name taken off of it. For the best, too, since the Lord told her one day who she would marry, and he happened to be a pastor. You can listen on YouTube here:
If you are interested in learning about: angel training schools and their inability to comprehend how or why humans don't believe in divine healing; the Storehouse where new body parts are stored; the Room of Tears; the corrupted strata of Satan and his palace; the throne of God; eating from the hand of God or flying over the earth on Jesus as a great white eagle then you may enjoy this book. The whole book has been recorded as an audio book and can be found as an mp3 here.

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