Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ex-Illuminati trainer tells all (well… some)

I will try not to turn this blog into too much of a “conspiracy” blog but sometimes I just can’t resist. I found this fascinating radio interview with Svali, an ex-illuminati mind programmer on YouTube last night. To those who do not believe that there is a secret “government behind the government”, or elite secret societies controlling disturbing amounts of the money, the power, the media, and pretty much the world, or that they can program human minds to do their bidding… and to those who don’t believe that this group of people are very likely of nephilim lineage, perhaps this interview will give you something to ponder?

“Svali” is a born-again Christian who was born into the German family of the Illuminati and became a programmer and trainer within the group. She eventually became a Christian and escaped, though she herself had also been programmed to be loyal. Six months after giving this interview she went missing and was not heard from or seen for over two years. The latest news that I could find is that she is “residing safely in an isolated place of refuge with a number of fellow Christian brothers and sisters” without internet access or the ability to communicate electronically with the outside world, for her own safety.

She has written many articles detailing the practices of the Illuminati, some of which can be found at Svali Speaks, and for further reading a disturbing letter explaining her childhood. There are some articles that explain the programming procedures and rituals, and the use of triggers to bring on certain behaviors (both on specific individuals and placed in the public media). I’m sure they would be interesting to those who were confused by my mention of triggers in my last post!

Without further ado…. the 10-part interview (you’ll have to find the other parts yourself, I’m far too lazy to post them all)

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